Seo and Shin program 2016

I have to make some modifications in the program of Seo and Shin 2016. I am using the version of gauss 10. I want to ask you about the program is it only for Gauss 18. Is there some modifications to run it on Gauss 10?
Also can you help me to identify the meaning of 8,4 in the first row? is it changeable ?
new; format /rd /m1 8,4; output file= invest.out on;
tstart = date;
load invest; // Load data and define variables
t = 15;
nt = rows(invest);
n = nt/t;
y = invest[.,1]; @ investment/assets @
Tq = invest[.,2]; @ Tobin's Q @
c = invest[.,3]; @ cash-flow/assets @
d = invest[.,4]; @ debt/assets @

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