Saving matrix contents in ASCII format (.csv)

Hi there,

Is there any simple single-line function or call that can be used to write the contents of a matrix into a CSV?

Thank you!

2 Answers


If you need to save the headers then the following work-around will work for GAUSS 17+

headers = "A"$~"B"$~"C"$~"D";
data = reshape(seqa(1,1,100), 25, 4);

csvWriteData(data, headers, "test.csv");

proc (1) = csvWriteData(data, headers, fname);
    local f;
    f = fopen(fname, "w");
    call fputs(f, strjoin(headers, ","));
    call fputs(f, "\n");
    call close(f);

    // call csvWriteM with append flag set to 1 for numeric data
    retp(csvWriteM(data, fname, ",", 15, 1));

A more convenient method to save headers to disk is on the roadmap for GAUSS 19.


Hi there,

I just found the csvWriteM command. It really helps! But I'm having some trouble writing the headers to the output .csv file.

My headers are: VAR1_D VAR2_F VAR3_S

When I try to save the headers in string array and pass it to csvWriteM like this:

heads = "VAR1_D" $| "VAR2_F" $| "VAR3_S";

ret = csvWriteM(heads', "out_data.csv",",", 15, 0, "\n");

I get the following error:

G0644 : Input 1 of wrong type  [csv.src, line 658]
Currently active call:
File csv.src, line 658, in __csvWriteM
ret = fputs(f, strcombine(ntos(data, prec), d, 0));
File csv.src, line 606, in csvWriteM
retp(__csvWriteM(data, fname, sep, prec, append, newline));

And if I try passing the headers in a character array (which I know is deprecated) like this:

heads = {"VAR1_D" "VAR2_F" "VAR3_S"};

ret = csvWriteM(heads, "out_data.csv",",", 15, 0, "\n");

I don't get an error, but the .CSV file contains numbers instead of the textual headers:


Is there any way GAUSS can handle writing the textual headers to the disk?



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