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I have this problem when I run the Metropolis Hastings algorithm. The program seems being running since only the "stop program" button is on. However in the output window there comes no result and the cursor keeps blinking.  It is also not editable if I try to input another new command. Do you know where something may go wrong? Thank you very much!

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Most likely you are in debug mode. If you click the debug icon-- which is located on the GAUSS toolbar immediately to the right of the run button and looks like a lady bug--GAUSS will be waiting for you to tell it to step forward, run to a breakpoint, or the end of the program, etc.

You can end debug mode by clicking the stop button.


Thanks! The situation I have here is that when I run a file the mode seems turn to the debug mode by itself. Is it normal?  Then I click the stop button and there is a statement in the program input/output window:

<Break in line 157>, c:\...\...\...\.....src, tid=[3666594544]

The error output window doesn't show which kind of error it is. It only shows the location of the error.


GAUSS will only start in debug mode if you click the debug button (which looks like a ladybug) or if you use the hot-key CTRL+D. If you use the run button, the F5 hot key or the CTRL+R hot key, GAUSS will just run the code.

An output message like this:

, /Path/to/file/filename.gss, tid=[4825890816]

, /Path/to/file/filename.gss, tid=[4826669056]

shows you what lines were being executed when you hit the stop button. It is possible that you were not in debug mode, but just running some code that takes a while to execute and does not print out any output during the intensive parts of the code.


Since the line and file from your stop message:

<Break in line 157>, c:\...\...\...\.....src, tid=[3666594544]

show the location of the program when you stopped it, it can give you an idea of if the program was near finishing or where it might be taking the most time.


Thank you very much!

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