Problem accepting plotSetYRange using plotSetWhichYaxis ...

Using first the statements plotsetYaxis("left") and plotsetYrange works fine (follow my specific statement). However, later in the same procedure using plotSetYaxis("right"), the statement plotSetYrange seem to live its own life. The statement does not follow my specific instructions. Is there any form of the plotSetYRange I can specify the range for both the left and right axes? Or are there some other important overseen statements?

1 Answer


You can set the yAxisRight.axisRange member directly as shown in the example below.

x = rndn(100,1);
y = rndn(100,2) .* (1 ~ 4);

struct plotControl myPlot;

myPlot = plotGetDefaults("scatter");
plotSetYRange(&myPlot, 0, 4);

myPlot.yAxisRight.axisRange = -1 | 1;

plotSetWhichYAxis(&myPlot, "left" $| "right");

plotScatter(myPlot, x, y);

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