output error

Hi ..
I want to ask,
This is why I like the gauss output

Line 22 in C:\gausslt13\examples\optmum.LCG
Syntax error G0008 : '.dec'
Line 294 in D:\untitled1.gss
Nested procedure definition G0155
Line 294 in D:\untitled1.gss
Syntax error G0008 : 'proc (2) = FILTER(PRMTR)

what causes? beg explanation and please help .. thx

3 Answers



Based upon the error output that you show, it appears that you have obtained a copy of the GAUSS Optmum library that has been modified in some ways by a third party.

Since I don't know what changes have been made to this code that you have, it is not really possible to give much help.

If you contact Aptech and download the official version of Optmum, you should be able to install it easily with the GAUSS Applications Install Wizard and we can help you with any questions that come up.


how do I download the official version Optmum? do i have to buy what I can get for free?


If you are a grad student, contact Aptech's Academic Sales and ask them what options are available for graduate students.

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