loading csv and xls data files

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That tutorial that you reference shows you how to add some files to a GAUSS library and how to write a procedure to load columns of an Excel file into GAUSS with the column headers as variable names.

Basic reading of data from an excel file
Let's suppose that we have a file called breaks.xls. It has 100 rows of data from cell A1:A100. You can load the data from this file into a variable like this:

file_name = "breaks.xls";
cell_range = "A1:A100";
sheet_num = 1;
vls = "";
myvar = xlsReadM(file_name, cell_range, sheet_num, vls);

of course you do not have to create variables for the name of each input. Also, if you only specify a starting cell, GAUSS will read in all the data starting from the cell that you specifiy. Therefore, this code below will also read in the 100 rows of data the same as above:

myvar = xlsReadM("breaks.xls", "A1", 1, "");

Reading in data from a CSV file
Now let's suppose that we have a file named breaks.csv. Lets suppose that this file has 120 rows and 2 columns. You can read in the data like this:

load myvar[120, 2] = breaks.csv;

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