how to input delta Δ or other Greek into Y label?

tried below, doesn't give me what i want,-- ΔcovEC

plotSetYLabel(&myPlot, "\204\68\201covEC", "Century New", 20, "black");

3 Answers


plotSetYLabel uses html to create math symbols, greek letters, etc. To create this: ΔcovEC, you would enter this line:

plotSetYLabel(&myPlot, "<html>&Delta;covEC</html>");

Notice that the entire string is wrapped in HTML tags to get GAUSS to recognize that you intend for the string to be interpreted as HTML. It looks like the 'covEC' is italic in your example. To accomplish this, you can wrap the 'covEC' in the HTML italic tags like this:

plotSetYLabel(&myPlot, "<html>&Delta;<i>covEC</i></html>");

Here is a link to a website that lists Greek letters and math symbols in HTML.



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