how to export figures with >600 dpi

Hello, I am looking forward to produce a good quality figure for publication. Journals require figures to have 600 dpi. does anyone know how to set up to export figures with the required dpi? Thank you very much!

1 Answer


The best solution in most cases is to export a PDF of the graph. PDF files are vector files. Vector files can be resized by the publisher (or anyone) without losing quality. EPS files are also vector files and share this same quality.

If you have the latest version, GAUSS 15, their is a powerful and simple to use exporting tool that allows you to specify the size of the graph and dpi while giving you a live preview of the settings you choose. The usage is described on the GAUSS Help Page. Select User Guide->GAUSS Graphics->Interacting with Plots in GAUSS->File Export.

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