How to find and replace in a section of text?

What is the easiest way to change '5' in the following code snippet to 10, 15 and 20?

/* implied VAR(1) estimates */***********************/
b_lr = b_r*(1-(rho^5)*(phi^5))/(1-rho*phi); b_ld = b_d*(1-(rho^5)*(phi^5))/(1-rho*phi); b_ldp = (rho^5)*(phi^5); ident = b_lr-b_ld+b_ldp;
aux1 = -5*b_r*(rho^5)*(phi^(5-1))*(1-rho*phi)+rho*b_r*(1-(rho^5)*(phi^5)); aux2 = -5*b_d*(rho^5)*(phi^(5-1))*(1-rho*phi)+rho*b_d*(1-(rho^5)*(phi^5)); aux3 = (1-rho*phi)^2; aux_br = aux1/aux3; aux_bd = aux2/aux3;
"b_lr"; b_lr; 
"b_ld"; b_ld;
"b_ldp"; b_ldp;
jacob = ((1-(rho^5)*(phi^5))/(1-rho*phi))~0~aux_br|0~((1-(rho^5)*(phi^5))/(1-rho*phi))~aux_bd|0~0~5*(rho^5)*(phi^(5-1)); varcov = jacob*avcovb*jacob'; tstat = (b_lr|b_ld|b_ldp)./sqrt(diag(varcov));

"t-statistics for 5 years horizon coefficients"; tstat;
"R2 for VAR equations"; R2;

1 Answer


The GAUSS 15 editor will allow you to "find and replace" inside of selected text by following these steps:

  1. Use your mouse to highlight the text
  2. Hit CTRL+F or click the binoculars icons on the main GAUSS toolbar to open the "find and replace widget"
  3. Enter your search query in the "Find" box
  4. Enter your replacement text in the "Replace" box
  5. Click the "Replace All" button"

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