How do I run two RLM processes at one time?

We now have two Gauss program listed below, installed on one computer(server).

1. Gauss 64 bit  Floating Network-10 users
2. Gauss Engine Pro w/ RUN-Time for 64 bit Floating Network-1 user

Since both licenses are floating network licenses, the rlm.exe for each product needs to be executed to run the software.  The trouble occurs when both rlm program are executed at the same time.  It seems that both are using the same TCP/IP port 5053 which only one can hold.

Is there any solution so that we can run two rlm program at the same time, on one server?

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You can only run one instance of the Reprise License Manager (RLM) at a time.  However, if you place both licenses in the same directory as the RLM executable you are running, it should work. Each product (GAUSS or GE Pro) must have its own unique license file.

For example:
1) Close down all rlm processes in your Windows Task Manager
2) GAUSS Home (c:\gauss14) should have a GAUSS license file (gauss.lic)
3) MTENGHOME (c:\mteng14) should have BOTH the GAUSS license AND the GAUSS
Engine Pro license (gauss.lic, gep.lic) and the g.gkf file
4) Start rlm in the MTENGHOME folder (c:\mteng14)

Please note that the license file names of gauss.lic and gep.lic are example names only.  The actual name of the license file issued by Aptech may be named using the Product Serial Number and the last name of the End User or the Organization name.


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