graphprt in mac

prt_title="-cf=" $+ "s_"$+str_s$+"_bart_Bernoulli_tt_"$+str_t$+"_b_" $+ strb $+"_p_"$+strp$+".eps" $+" -c=1 -po=l -q";


When I run above code in Window then graphs are saved and also the graph window closes before another graph pops up. However when I run this code in MAC graphs are saved but the graph windows never closes. If I draw like 50 graphs then all graph windows are opened until I close them one by one. I have to draw and save a lot of graphs and I was wondering how I can change the code above and let the graph windows close by itself. Thank you!

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If you are using version 11 or newer of GAUSS for Mac, you can choose to have the PQG graphics viewer reuse the same graph window for all subsequent graphs. This will leave you with one graph window instead of 50.

To enable this, you need to make a change to your pgraph.dec file. This file is in your GAUSSHOME/src directory. It should be around line 494 and 495 (may be slightly different for different versions. Inside of the #ifUNIX block (this applies to Mac), change:

declare string _pvwrmode = "m";
declare string _pvwrcomm = "no";


declare string _pvwrmode = "s";
declare string _pvwrcomm = "yes";

For _pvwrmode "m" means create multiple graph windows, while "s" means reuse a single graph window. For _pvwrcomm "no" means do not communicate with the graphic window, "yes" means maintain communication between the main GAUSS window and the graphics viewer.

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