Get error G0433: 'ssreadm': Can not find DLL function.


I had a Gauss file which use xlsreadm() to load xls file. When i run this file with Gauss Software, there is no problem and it runs OK. But if i use C++ and GAUSS_CompileFile() to compile and execute it, it will show an error message G0433: 'ssreadm' : cannot find DLL function. Did i forget to set the configuration? or something else.

(I want to use C++ to test some Gauss proc.)

I am a rookie for Gauss, any idea to help me?

Thanks a lot.

1 Answer


The GAUSS function xlsReadM uses a C function named, ssreadm. This function is inside of xls.dll. The most likely scenario for what this situation is that you have created an executable program using the GAUSS Engine in a directory other than the MTENGHOME directory, but did not copy over the xls.dll file, or some of the icuXXX.dll files which are depdendencies for xls.dll. If you copy over all of those files to the directory of your project, it should all work.

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