Question on strings, paths and double backslashes in GAUSS


Can any one explain the following code? I debugged to here and have no idea what should I do next.

opath   = parapath $+ "\\mhrun" $+ mhrun;
chkdir  = chk_dir(opath);

opara  = opath $+ "\\pa";
create fhpara = ^opara with para, ndgp_ + nphi_+ nadd_, 8;

What does does double backslash mean here?

1 Answer


The double back-slash is used for Window's path separators inside of quotes. This is because a single-backslash is an escape sequence. For example \n means new-line, \t means tab-space, etc.

$+ operator combines strings, so, you could make the path C:\gauss14\myproject like this:

opath = "C:\\gauss14";
parapath = "\\myproject";
fullpath = opath $+ parapath;

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