error G0043 : Not implemented for complex matrices

Hi, I'm having trouble with the following program,

a1 = (profit[r1:r2,1] - fcost + dr.*opval[r1:r2,1])/parm[1];
a2 = ((a1*parm[1]) -scost)/parm[2];
plant[r1:r2,1]=plid ;
sim[r1:r2,1]=simnum ;

wich launches "error G0043 : Not implemented for complex matrices" referring to the bolded line. Is it about the normal cumulative distribution function module?


2 Answers


Error G0043: Not implemented for complex matrices pointing to this line of code:


indicates that a1 is a complex matrix. This is often, because a negative number was passed to sqrt earlier in the code. Check earlier assignments to: profit, fcost, dr, opval and parm to try and track down the cause of a1 becoming complex.


Ok! thanks

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