error g0008 syntax error

Please help, when I running a code for LSTAR model, I get the following error:

error G0008 : '\Desktop\GAUSS1\cpiqnew' : Syntax error

the code that I am running is:

nna = 248;

load yy1[nna,1] = C:\Users\usuario\Desktop\GAUSS1\cpiqnew;

Can someone please advise me?

Is there any option to load a date?

The same code is running perfectly on the others computers. I am using GAUSS 17 and GAUSS 10 on Windows 10

2 Answers


There is nothing wrong with the lines of code that you posted

nna = 248;

load yy1[nna,1] = C:\Users\usuario\Desktop\GAUSS1\cpiqnew;

So either

  1. There is an error earlier in the code, which is causing this problem.
  2. That is not the line of code which is causing the error.

Which version of GAUSS are you having the error with? What happens when you copy and paste those lines into the GAUSS command line?


That code runs well on other computers the same way I run it. Those command lines are the first 2 lines of the code.

I used the GAUSS 17 and GAUSS 10 like other students, but it works perfectly for them. When copying and pasting those lines to the command line I still get the same error.

G0008: Syntax error '\ Desktop \ GAUSS1 \ cpiqnew'

Could it be the windows version or some feature of my PC?

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