Error dates need to be reversed

Hi, there. I got this error message "Error dates need to be reversed". What does this mean?

Thanks for your help.


4 Answers


That is not an error in the basic GAUSS package, FanpacMT or TSMT. Are you running some user created code? If this error is showing up in the GAUSS error output window, then it was probably created with either the GAUSS command errorlog or errorlogat.

If you can provide some information about the code you are running, we can probably provide some assistance.

Thanks for the reply. I'm using the constrained optimization for GAUSS. Does the error message have anything to do with that?



I don't see the error message: "dates need to be reversed" in either of the GAUSS Constrained Optimization application modules (CO or COMT). Does this error report tell you a file and line number?


No, it does not.


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