error configuration file

Hi, i have the error:

Error reading configuration file /home/GAUSS/gauss.cfg: Environment variable referenced but not defined

under unix, what should i do ? where should i set this variable and how ?


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This error means that one of the environment variables referenced in your gauss.cfg file cannot be found. All of the names inside of the gauss.cfg file that are surrounded by $(), such as $(HOME) and $(USER) are environment variables.

One of them (or more) is defined when you are in logged in as you and run from a bash shell that is not defined in the environment of your php process as the user www-data.

If you have not modified your gauss.cfg file, then it is most likely the USER environment variable. You can change this line:

log_file = $(HOME)/logtmp/command.$(USER).log

to this:

log_file = $(HOME)/logtmp/command.yourname.log

or to this:

log_file = /tmp

and it should work for you if that is the problem. Alternatively, you can set the environment variable in your PHP process if you prefer.

NOTE: The GAUSSDIR environment variable is set internally by the tgauss process. DO NOT change or set that variable.

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