Do you know of any more replications or studies that used GAUSS?

We constructed a wiki website for replication in economics:

It serves as a database of empirical studies, the availability of replication material for them and of replication studies.

It can help for research as well as for teaching replication to students. We taught seminars at several faculties internationally for which the information of this database was used. In the starting phase the focus was on some leading journals in economics. We now cover more than 1900 empirical studies and so far 150 replications.

One can search for software, methodologies, and datasets used. For example, studies that used GAUSS and have data and code available online can be found like this. There are 26, and 11 more if you drop the data/code restriction. There might be more for which so far no one has entered the information that GAUSS was used. For Stata there are 577, and 774 if you drop the data/code restriction.
Could you add studies for which you know GAUSS replication files are available online? Could you add studies that you tried to replicate or that you authored yourself? It is a wiki, so everyone can participate and contribute. Replication results can be published as replication working papers of the interdisciplinary University of Göttingen's Centre for Statistics. The website also has an option to vote which studies should be replicated – votes are anonymous.

Teaching and providing access to information will raise awareness for the need for replications, provide a basis for research about the reasons why replications so often fail and how this can be changed, and educate future generations of economists about how to make research replicable.
Please take a look at our website and register. You are also welcome to give feedback!

Do you know any economists whom you could tell about our project? Could you add any replications you know? They would then automatically be featured as latest replications on the main page until five other publications are added, so they would get more attention - so far we had more than 147,000 page views. The American Economic Association already added our website to their collection of useful resources for economists, and the ideas/RePEc pages link back to all our pages that have a link to that project.

If you teach, please inform your students about the project or colleagues who include replication in their teaching or who may want to add their empirical studies.

The work was presented at the conference of the European Economic Association and the Econometric Society in Toulouse in Augustand will again be discussed at the Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association in Boston in January. I would be glad to meet whoever is interested. Please don't hesitate to forward this message or parts of it and we will be glad to answer any questions you or others may have.

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