cmlmt error returned "G0094: argument out of range"

when i use cmlmt library, an error appears after a while, which reads "G0094: argument out of range". i dont know the reason to this error, and i wonder how i can solve it.

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The error message should also tell you which file the error occurred in and on what line. If you provide that information, it will be easier for us to help you out. Also, what code is on that line.


when i run the program, error returns as follows:

------\src\cmlmt.src(1655) : error G0094 : Argument out of range
------Currently active call: cmlmt [1655] d:\download\aptech gauss\gauss10\src\cmlmt.src
------Stack trace:
------cmlmt called from D:\gauss10\[email protected]\msckls, line 45

line1655 of cmlmt.src is:

------dv = cdftci(0.5*c1.Alpha,out1.NumObs-pvLength(out1.par)).*se;

line 45 of my program "msckls" is:

------call cmlmtprt(cmlmt(&mscklslnl,p0,d0,c0));

i dont know how to modify my program, and thanks for your precious advise

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