CML - move from Gauss5 to Gauss13

Trying to run code from Gauss5 in Gauss13, incl CML. Getting various errors in Gauss13, and I suspect the CML not being compatible with Gauss13 ? Unfortunately we cannot get license for Gauss5

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CML is compatible with GAUSS 13. You need to install the CML application using the Application Installer in version 13. The Application Installer can be accessed from the main menu Tools->Install Application. It will quickly guide you through the application installation. You will need the CML .zip file (this file will have a name simiar to: You can also install the application by extracting the zip file as with previous versions of GAUSS, but most people find this simpler.

Have you installed the application? Can you run the CML example files? What errors are you getting?


I simply copied over the src/cml-files.....

First giving:

C:\gauss13\src\mathfn.src(164) : error G0157 : 'psi' : Illegal redefinition of matrix

C:\gauss13\src\mathfn.src(164) : error G0008 : 'proc psi(z)' : Syntax error

which I then comment-out...

Then I get :

vector of parameter labels does not conform to vector of starting values, which is from cmlutil

We are not setting Lcmlparnm....

If I finally skip this - we end up with function calculation failed

Our code and CML are copied from gauss5 where it worked....




"I simply copied over the src/cml-files…."

It is not enough to simply copy over the .src files. There are other required files, for example the .lcg file from the lib directory to name one. Please properly install CML using the Application Installer. It will take less than 30 seconds and will prevent a host of potential problems.


Fair enought, the lcg-file is already copied also. I do not have the anymore however... Being version 1, 0, 41 of CML - do you have this ?


Tried with CML install. Makes no difference; any chance to get a license to gauss 5.0 which works ?


CML will run on GAUSS 13. Did you try running the CML examples? Do they run for you?


Have tried some samples and yes, they work.  ny chance to get a license to gauss 5.0 ?


No GAUSS 5.0 licenses--would you like help getting your program running?


it ran on gauss5, and i was promised that gauss13 would be compatible, which is apparently not the case. let me try to debug your new version futher.

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