Bootstrapped file in FASTBOOT


In using FASTBOOT of the library maxkik, the bootstrapped parameter estimates should be in the file, _max_BootFname="boots100". But I cannot find any file generated with the name boots100. Any advice?



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FASTboot should create a file in your current working directory named to whatever you set _max_BootFname to plus a .dat extension. Run your file and then list all the .dat files in your current working directory with this GAUSS command:

//List all files in current working directory
//that ends with '.dat'

If that does not lead to success, I would modify one of the example files, say maxlik7.e to use FASTboot like this:

_max_BootFname = "mboot7";
//Commenting out original line below
//call MAXboot("tobit",0,&lpr,x);
//Replacement line below
call FASTboot("tobit", 0, &lpr, x):

Then you can look for the mboot7.dat file. If this is successful, compare this code to yours and you might find a simple mistake that you are making (which we ALL do from time to time).

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