Arguments not conformable: Error pointing to the 1017th line of maxlikmt.src


I am getting an error saying that "the Arguments are not conformable" and when I ma clicking the error it is pointing to the 1017th line of maxlikmt.src file.

The line uses the gradient and the parameter vectors I believe.

My likelihood function calculates and provide gradient which is a 1000 by 9 matrix (where 1000 is the number of observations and 9 is the number of parameters in the model (and some of them are restricted to the initial value)).

And my parameter vector is a vector of 9 elements.

I would appreciate if you could point to me about the source of the error.

I would be happy to provide the data and the model file if required.

Thanks and Regards.








2 Answers


We need to know what version of Maxlikmt you're using. Different versions would have different code at line 1017. In my version there's a print statement at that line. Also, it would be easier to find the problem if you could post a command file with any required data files compressed into a zip file.


Hi I tried to attach my command and data file, but cannot see an attachment option while answering the question.

I would appreciate if you let me know how to do that.

The line at which the error is pointing to is as follows:

relgtest = (abs(g1).*maxc(abs(x1)'|ones(1,rows(x1))))/maxc(abs(vof1)|1) < c1.tol or abs(g1) < 1e-15;

I am using GAUSS version 11 and MaxlikMT version 2.0

I would like to share the code and the data file for easier identification of the problem.





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