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A while ago Aptech mentioned that it is working on a version that is compatible with the 4k monitors.  I have GAUSS 18.1.2, build 4416. And it looks awful on 4k monitors (with 300% scaling). If I check "Override high DPI scaling behavior," it still looks awful. Any progress on this front? Thanks

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Hello, there are a number of ways to control how GAUSS respects the system DPI and widget/font scaling factors. Since Windows has certain HiDPI limitations and each end-user setup is different, can you please test the following settings (and various combinations there-of) to find what works best for you?

First, please set the environment variable QT_SCALE_FACTOR to 2 (this also affects font scaling)

GAUSS accepts -scaling and -noscaling arguments (which can be added to the desktop shortcut after the path, eg "C:\gauss18\gauss.exe -scaling"). These flags enable/disable automatic scaling based on the pixel density of the monitor. Try each flag with the above environment variable. Double pixel density images are not available for Windows (as they are on macOS) but this should give a uniform text and widget size/feel throughout the application.

Last, the GUI toolkit (for Windows) is actively being improved to further support HiDPI displays. Per their documentation the following run-time argument "-style fusion" may give a better HiDPI look on Windows.

To summarize:

1. Set the QT_SCALE_FACTOR environment variable to 2 (or 3 if you'd like to go higher)
2. Test with arguments -scaling, -noscaling, and omitting the flag entirely
3. Add/omit "-style fusion" argument


After further testing in a separate environment, on a Windows 10 laptop connected to an external monitor as the only display, with 300% scaling, the only modifications necessary to achieve the expected result were:

1. Add the "-scaling" argument to the desktop shortcut.
2. The "-style fusion" also yielded more aesthetic results than the default style.


Thanks.  The two options added in the shortcut make it pretty nice looking.  Now I only wish these options can be added in a config file or something like that, because for every future update I will have to manually change the shortcut ...

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