Update Discrete Choice Application Module


The latest Discrete Choice Analysis Tools 2.1.0 is now available for release. If you own Discrete Choice 2.0 the update is available for free.

New features include tools for computing:

  • Average marginal effects (AME)
  • Marginal effects at the mean (MEM).

Change Log

  1. Added ability to compute average marginal effects.
  2. Added error checking for variable name inputs.
  3. Fixed bug in computation of marginal effects for multinomial logit and probit models

The Discrete Choice Analysis Package

Discrete Choice Analysis Tools provides an adaptable, efficient, and user-friendly environment for linear data classification. It's designed with a full suite of tools including :

Binary and count models

  • Binary probit
  • Binary logit
  • Negative binomial regression
  • Poisson regression

Multinomial logit models

  • Conditional logit
  • Nested logit
  • Ordered logit
  • Adjacent category logit
  • Stereotype logit

Logistic regression modelling

  • L2/L1 regularized classifiers
  • L2/L1-loss linear SVM
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