Mercury: Interface Tools

Econotron Software, Inc

The following product is developed by Econotron Software, Inc. for use with GAUSS. Technical support is provided directly through the developer

Mercury v8.0

Mercury_GAUSS consists of a set of functions that provide an interface between an external application and GAUSS.  These functions permit sending strings, values and data from the external application to GAUSS, running GAUSS code or procedures, and returning the data back to the external application.

Mercury has six main components:

  • Excel Link – an application that links GAUSS to an Excel worksheet.
  • An Excel addin that links an Excel Workbook to GAUSS.  Using VBA, data is sent to GAUSS where it is processed, and the results are returned to the specified cells in the spreadsheet.
  • An Excel function – geFN – that permits any GAUSS function to be called directly from an Excel cell.
  • A library of interface functions for developers who need to link GAUSS to an external application using custom interfaces.
  • Windows clipboard support for GAUSS.
  • A demonstration project showing how Gauss compliant DLLs are created using Visual Studio

Extend the functionality of GAUSS  in your other applications. For example:

  • You can design a custom front end using Visual Studio,
  • Extend the functionality of Excel to include all Gauss commands.
  • Provide an easy way of copying data into a GAUSS variable using the clipboard.
  • Write your own GAUSS libraries to extend the functionality of GAUSS.
  • Use Excel as a data entry application for GAUSS.

Sample demonstration projects are included for:

  • Excel
  • VC6, MFC, C++, and C#
  • VB6 and VB.NET

New and recent Features:

  • Excel link between GAUSS and Excel
  • GUI functions for GAUSS
  • Data interface for GAUSS using DataGrid
  • Multi-application support
  • Thread safe execution
  • geFN Excel function
  • Mercury classes
  • 32 and 64 bit support

Requirements: Mercury_GAUSS requires GAUSS for Windows 6.0 or higher, and supports both 32 and 64 bit versions of GAUSS.

Platforms:   Windows XP, Vista, Win7 – x86 or x64.

Mercury is produced by Econotron Software, Inc.  Additional product details are available at

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