Mercury GE 8.1: Interface Tools

Econotron Software, Inc

The following product is developed by Econotron Software, Inc. for use with the Windows version of the GAUSS Engine and GRTE. Technical support is provided directly through the developer New Mercury GE v8.1 Mercury GE consists of a set of functions that provide an interface with the GAUSS Engine. These functions permit sending strings, values and data from the external application, running GAUSS Engine code or procedures, and returning the data back to the external application. Thread control is explicitly supported. Mercury has four main components:
  • An Excel add-in that links an Excel Workbook to the GAUSS Engine. Data is sent to the GAUSS Engine, where it is processed, and the results are returned to the specified cells in the spreadsheet. Excel  2000 and later are supported.
  • A library of interface functions for developers who need to link the GAUSS Engine to an external application using custom interfaces. Sample demonstration projects for both the GAUSS Engine and the GRTE are included for Excel, C (VC6, MFC, VC.NET and C#) and VB (VB6 and VB.NET).
  • Windows clipboard support for GAUSS.
  • A demonstration project showing how GAUSS Engine compliant DLLs are created.
Mercury GE is designed for developers who wish to use GAUSS Engine functionality within their applications, or who need to provide a custom front end for the GAUSS Engine. It is available on a royalty free basis to developers who wish to use the GRTE as part of an application. New Features in v8.1
  • User control over error display.
  • Path control instead of using an environment variable.
  • Directory control.
  • Message and signal control.
  • Missing value capability.
  • Timer capability.
The ability to send and receive messages and signals while GAUSS is executing allows for interactive control while a job is being executed, as well as the capability to display the ongoing progress of a job, such as during optimization or simulation. You can visit Econotron Software's home page for a full description of Mercury GE.

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