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Econotron Software, Inc. The following product is developed by Econotron Software, Inc. for use with GAUSS. Technical support is provided directly through the developer GUI Tools v1.0 GUI Tools provides you with an interactive graphic user interface for GAUSS for Windows. This product enables the programmer to develop graphic-based dialog boxes and standard Windows controls for their end users to respond to, using both keyboard and mouse. GUI tools is called from GAUSS with a minimum of programming. Typically, it is only necessary to specify a title, prompt, and the name of the control or GUI, followed by a one line call. GUI Tools does the rest to produce professional custom dialogs for you. GUI Tools has three main components:
  • Standard Windows Controls
  • Standard Windows Dialogs
  • Custom GUIs
Standard Windows Controls A set of standard Windows controls are included that can be called from GAUSS. These return the user input back to the control of GAUSS. Standard controls include message box, text, box, logon box, combo box, option buttons, and check box. Standard Windows Dialogs Also included are a set of standard Windows dialogs that can be called from GAUSS and which return the dialog results back to GAUSS. These include color select, file browse, font select, and print dialogs. Custom GUIs These are graphic interfaces that are custom designed for specific projects which are called from GAUSS. Each control in the GUI returns a value or a string to GAUSS. GUI Tools allows the programmer to create a custom interface using the standard graphic builder technique, the same technique used to build dialogs in Visual Basic. How it works is as follows: a form is displayed in one window, and a control form in a second window. The programmer clicks on the required control to copy it to the form, and then, using the mouse, drags the control to the desired location and sizes it. A list of properties is provided for each control, which the programmer can set as desired. GUI Reader is a freely available application that can be downloaded from the Econotron website. GUI Reader has the same functionality as GUI Tools, except that GUI description files cannot be created or modified. This product includes all the GUI Tools examples, online help, and manual. GUI Reader enables all the controls and dialogs provided in GUI Tools, as well as any user-defined GUI created with GUI Tools. These can be freely used in your GAUSS application. You can visit Econotron Software's home page for a full description of GUI Tools. GUI Tools requires GAUSS for Windows 4.0 or higher.
GUI Tools 1.0 Flyer [138k .pdf]

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