Troubleshooting Floating Network Client Licenses

Client Computer: License Manager Error (-17) and (-111)

If you receive the following error message on the Client computer, it means that the Client computer is not able to communicate with the License Server:
License manager error:
Communications error with license server (-17)
Connection refused at server (-111)
This can be due to:
  • Firewall blockage This error message may be due to a firewall that is blocking connection to the License Server. This also can happen when a Windows firewall has been inadvertently been turned on.

    >> Solution: Please see Working with Firewalls for detailed instructions on configuring your Client license file.
  • Wrong or not resolvable hostname in Client license file The hostname in your Client license file must match the hostname of the License Server on which you run the Reprise license manager. Additionally, the Client computer must be able to 'resolve' the hostname specified in the Client license to locate the License Server machine on which the Reprise License Manager (RLM) server is running.

    >> Solution: If the Client machine cannot resolve the hostname of the License Server machine, you may replace the hostname field in the Client license with the IP address of the License Server machine (or fully qualified domain name[fqdn]) instead of the 'friendly' hostname.
  • Client cannot connect to correct ports on License Server If the port that the RLM is listening on is blocked by a firewall, then the Client computer will not be able to check out a license.
    >> Solution:
    1. Check access to License Server Port. You can check to see if the Client machine has access to a port on the license server with the telnet command in a terminal window. The syntax to use is:
      telnet <ip_of_license_server> <port_that_rlm_is_using>
      telnet <fqdn_of_license_server> <port_that_rlm_is_using>
      Example. For the following inputs, you would enter this command:
      • License Server has the IP adress: (fqdn is
      • RLM is listening on the default port of 5053
      telnet 5053
      telnet 5053
    2. View Reprise Web Administration Panel. While the port on which the RLM is listening must be open, checking to see if the Client machine can view the Reprise Web Administration panel that is running on the License Server can also be diagnostically helpful. To view the Reprise Web Administration panel, open a web-browser and enter:
      Below is an image of a web-browser open to the Reprise Web Administration Panel. This image shows a web-browser viewing the Reprise Web Administration panel which is running on a computer with the IP address (fqdn is and is running on the standard port for the Admin Panel of 5054.
      Viewing RLM Web Admin Panel

Unable to Check out License on Multi-User License

For more information on this issue, click here

Gathering Information to Diagnose your Particular Problem

  • Gather Diagnostic Information. The most efficient method to diagnose your problem is to open a Windows (or Linux or Mac) command prompt and perform the following steps based on your unique configuration:

    1. This example assumes the following:
      The GAUSSHOME directory is: C:\gauss
      The IP address of the License Server is:
      The RLM server is using the default port: 5053
    2. Change to your GAUSSHOME directory:
      chdir c:\gauss
      [Mac: cd /Users/yourname/gauss]
      [Linux: cd to the location of your GAUSSHOME directory]
    3. Create a list of the license files in your GAUSSHOME directory:
      dir *.lic
      [Linux/Mac: ls *.lic]
    4. Print the contents of the license(s) to the terminal window:
      type *.lic
      [Linux/Mac: cat *.lic]
    5. Attempt to connect to the License Server on the port that the RLM server is running:
      telnet 5053
  • Example. Below is an image of these commands entered into a Windows command prompt.

    Note: When reproducing these steps please make adjustments where your set-up differs from the three assumptions above.

    Diagnosing a GAUSS floating network client license

  • Submit Output. Copy and paste the entire output from the above steps into your Support Request

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