Minimal License Installation Requirements

Minimal files required for the RLM License Manager

In some cases, you may not want to leave all of the GAUSS files installed on your license server. Reprise requires that a few files remain on the license server in order to check out licenses:
  • aptech.set
  • license file
  • rlm.exe

Organizing your RLM files

The files can remain in the folder where you installed GAUSS, or you can set up a separate folder specifically for the RLM License Manager (e.g., c:\RLM). Since you can only have one RLM Windows Service, the benefit of a separate folder specifically designated for the RLM License Manager is that you have one license location for products that use RLM.
  • Copy the required RLM files (see above) to another designated folder and uninstall GAUSS
  • Move the saved files to the location where you want to have the RLM License Manager files to reside
  • You may also wish to retain the files in the lm folder under GAUSS as they provide a number of additional utilities for Reprise. They can be placed in the same folder as the RLM executable file.
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