GENO 2.0 Installation

GENO License Key

GENO requires a special geno.gkf license key that is matched with your GAUSS license file. When requesting your GENO license key, please submit the hostid number of your computer with your License Request so we can reissue your GAUSS license file at the same time.

Once you receive your GAUSS *.lic file and geno.gkf files, please do the following:
  1. Close GAUSS.
  2. Before saving the new *.lic and geno.gkf files, please delete any previously provided files ending with a *.lic extension or any geno.gkf from your gauss24 folder.
  3. THEN save the geno.gkf and the revised *.lic file in your gauss24 folder.
  4. There is no need to open or edit the geno.gkf file in any way.
  5. Start up GAUSS and then GENO

Install GENO Software

  1. Use the GAUSS Applications Installer Tool from within GAUSS (Tools>Install Applications) to place the main GENO components in the correct locations under your gauss24 folder.
  2. Within GAUSS:
    • Select the GAUSS Command Window (GAUSS program input/output window) tab
    • Set your GAUSS Working Directory to your GAUSS HOME folder, such as gauss24
    • In the GAUSS Command Window, type: run geno_setup.e
      This will place the final components in the correct locations and place you in the GENO Examples folder. The GENO Examples folder contains all the GENO examples. To run one of the GENO examples, at the GAUSS command prompt enter: run file_name.e
    • Request your GAUSS License file and GENO License key here from Aptech.

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