GAUSS was Working, then Quit

Normally, if GAUSS was working and then stopped it is usually due to one of three reasons:

  • Temporary License: GAUSS was using the temporary license file that came with GAUSS. When the temporary license expired, it could not find a valid license file.

    >> Solution: Request your License File here. Be sure to attach the file myhostid.txt (or hostid.txt on macOS) that is located in your GAUSS home directory (normally gauss19).
  • Hostid Number has Changed: Your GAUSS license file is configured based on the hostid number of the computer that GAUSS is installed on. Often times, whenever there is a hardware change, such as a new harddrive, motherboard, etc., or the moving of a harddrive from one computer to another, the host id number of your computer may change. Consequently, your GAUSS license file will no longer work.

    >> Solution: To obtain an updated hostid number, please click here.

  • Annual License: You are using an annual license, such as a Student Annual License, a Site License, Classroom Student License or a Laptop/Limited-time License that may need to be renewed. These licenses have a duration of one year.

    >> Solution: Please contact Aptech Customer Service for assistance to renew you license.

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