GAUSS was Working, then Quit


Normally, if GAUSS was working and is now giving a license manager error at start-up, it is usually due to one of the following reasons.

Temporary License Expired

GAUSS was using the temporary license file that came with your download. When the temporary license expired, a valid license file could not be found.

To resolve this problem, request your license file. Be sure to attach the myhostid.txt (or hostid.txt on macOS) file from your GAUSSHOME directory.

HostID Number has Changed

Your GAUSS license file is configured based on the HostID number of the computer on which GAUSS is installed. Hardware changes, such as a new hard drive, motherboard, etc., may change the HostID number of your computer. Consequently, your GAUSS license file will no longer work.

To resolve this problem, obtain an updated HostID.

Annual License Expired

You are using an annual license, such as a Student Annual License, a Site License, Classroom Student License or a Laptop/Limited-time License that may need to be renewed.

Please contact Aptech Customer Service for assistance to renew you license.

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