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Gather Diagnostic Information

  1. Open a Windows Command Prompt
    [Linux/Mac terminal window]
  2. Change to your GAUSSHOME directory:
    chdir c:\gauss19
    [Linux/Mac: cd /gauss19]
  3. <Create a list of the license files in your GAUSSHOME directory:
    dir *.lic
    [Linux/Mac: ls *.lic]
  4. Print the contents of the license(s) to the terminal window:
    type *.lic
    [Linux/Mac: cat *.lic]
  5. Find the ip and mac address of your computer:
    ipconfig /all
    [Linux/Mac: user@yourcompany:~$ /sbin/ifconfig]
  6. Start up GAUSS from the terminal window:
    [Linux/Mac: tgauss]
  7. Generate an Updated Hostid Number

Submit Support Ticket.

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