New Tools for Graphics

Exporting graphics with GAUSS 15

Export control

  • Live preview of exported graph
  • Easy graph resizing
  • Copy and paste graphs to Powerpoint® and Word®

Programmatic Annotations

  • Program format of added text boxes, shapes, and arrows
  • Easy, (x,y) coordinate placement of annotations
  • Control of annotation background color and opacity, line thickness, and font appearance
Programmatic addition of bar labels in GAUSS 15

Box plot with string labels

Improved Formatting Versatility

  • Opacity control for bar,box, and area fills
  • Add string labels to bar and boxplot graphs
  • Easy formatting of tic labels
  • Multiple y-axes

New Area Plots

  • Create and format area plots
  • Add area graphs to existing graphs
  • Control area opacity, fill, and style
Area plot

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