import .sas7bdat file with numeric, character and datetime fields

I am trying to load a .sas7bdat file with about 100 variables that are a mix of numeric, character and datetime variables. I tried loadd() and it imported the numeric variables correctly, but the character fields were all imported as missing values.   To illustrate, the file could have col 1- id (numeric); col 2: randomization date (datetime), col 3- assigned group (character: 'new' or 'std'), col 4- blood pressure at eligibility (numeric) and so on...

I know there are workarounds: I could use SAS to convert all fields to numeric, save the converted dataset to a .sas7bdat file and import it, or I could import everything into GAUSS as a string array using loaddsa() and then convert what I need to numeric but these seem cumbersome.

I am using SAS 9.4 and Gauss 20 in Windows 10.

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