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Your students get

  • Full version of GAUSS
  • Technical support
  • Price: Free

Why GAUSS in the Classroom?

  • GAUSS speaks math - The intuitive GAUSS matrix language makes it simple to run pre-built analysis and create custom cutting-edge algorithms.
  • Interactive computing - The interactive GAUSS interface provides the feedback and insights to keep students engaged and learning every step of the way.
  • Unparalleled student support - You teach the theory while we teach the programming.
    • Interactive screen-sharing sessions
    • Active user forum
    • Online tutorials
  • Powerful computing - Tackle the most complex computing challenges with the efficient GAUSS mathematical engine and unlimited multi-threading support.
  • Data Handling - Easily move from raw data to results:
    • Load, transform, and analyze with one line
    • Directly work with CSV, Excel, GAUSS datasets, HDF5, SAS and STATA datasets
    • Standard support for many databases such as MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
    • Supports datasets too large to fit in memory
  • Professional Graphics - Effortlessly create, edit and share modern, high-quality graphics.


  • Availability: For Students enrolled in any class that primarily uses GAUSS
  • Software Provided:
  • Installation: For use and installation ONLY on student's personal computer (Installation on University-owned or staff's computers is prohibited)
  • Requirements: Professor owns or has access to the current version GAUSS and any of the GAUSS Applications requested for the students. Request Quote to Update to GAUSS 24.
  • How to Apply: Complete the form below and include your class list to get started.

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