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Sorry, I have a problem with .dat format data.
In the tspdlib model, why are the Tse.dat data as shown below?


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It seems that you may be trying to open the data file TSe.dat using the File>Open option from the menu. This will the file in the file editor, which generally doesn't work for displaying data (with the exception of .txt files).

There are several ways to import data files:

  1. Using the Data Import Wizard by going to File > Import Data.
  2. Using the loadd command as discussed in the "Loading variables from a data file" tutorial.

As an example, let's look at the data loading in the example file Tsuroot.e from the tspdlib library.

// Load date file
y = loadd(__FILE_DIR $+ "TSe.dat");

This section of code tells GAUSS to import the TSe.dat file and uses __FILE_DIR to set the load path.

Once the data is loaded you can view the data a number of ways.

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