GAUSS 13 Preview

GAUSS 13 Preview

GAUSS 13 has many exciting new features that will make it easier and even more enjoyable to use. Here is a brief preview of some of the enhancements available with GAUSS 13.

New Graphics Editing

  1. Interactively change the attributes of your graphs including, but not limited to:
    • Line color, symbols, thickness, style
    • Title and axes labels content, font, font color and font size
    • Add text boxes, arrows and lines
  2. Clickable widgets allow you to select any color or font
  3. Edit graphs that were just created or saved graphs from previous sessions
Graphics editing in GAUSS 13

Choose from an infinite number of colors

Graphics editing in GAUSS 13

Interactively select font attributes

New Advanced Search and Replace

  1. Search across files and directories
  2. Limit searches to only variable assignments or variable references
  3. Check box to skip one or more instances before applying replace
  4. Organized list of search results simplifies viewing
Advanced search and replace in GAUSS 13

Improved Help

  1. More and improved examples
  2. Dynamic help tooltips
  3. Enhanced help search with options such as
    • words similar to
    • without the words
    • with exact phrase
  4. Improved formatting and colorization of code example
Improved help in GAUSS 13

More examples in the GAUSS 13 help

New Excel support on Mac and Linux

  1. Read and write Excel files even if you do not have Excel on your computer.
  2. Load, refresh and add files to libraries with one click

New Easy Interactive Library Management

  1. Load, refresh and add files to libraries with one click
  2. Intuitive menu options make working with libraries easier than ever

Perform all library management with a couple of clicks

Faster Sparse Matrix Operations

Matrix multiply and linear solve are between 4-10 times faster.

...and more

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