numbers of threads: is there a maximum?


is there a maximum number of threads which can be written in a Gauss source code?

it is not unlikely to have 256, 512 or even 1024 cores machines in the near future -- actually they already exist for few  happy number crunchers. Then, I would like to scale my 8 threads code up to the same number of cores.

is it possible? or would I knock into the maximum number of lines a Gauss code could include? they are 2500, aren't they?

Tags: asked December 6, 2012

1 Answer


There is no limit to the number of threads you create in a GAUSS program.

There is also not a limit to the length of a GAUSS program. There is a limit to the number of GAUSS global variables that you create. This used to be 2500 by default. Current versions of GAUSS have it set to 5500 by default. This number can be increased by the user as high as he or she would like. It is controlled by 'maxglobals' in the gauss.cfg file.