#include command returning : error G0008 Syntax error



I have used #include in my program. It works on my coauthor's computer, but it does not work on mine. When I run it, it says:

(0) : error G0008 : '#include shocks1' : Syntax error

I bought the Gauss in September, 2012. So I wonder if it is due to an update of the program or something else.


Thanks for your help!


Tags: asked March 26, 2013

1 Answer


Most likely, the reason you are getting the error:

(0) : error G0008 : ‘#include shocks1′ : Syntax error

is because you are running that line by highlighting it and hitting the F4 key, right-clicking and selecting "run selected text" from the context menu, or by entering it from the command line.

You cannot execute a "#include statement" this way. It must be executed by running the file.

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