Cannot create RLM license server as a Windows Service


When I try to set up the RLM license manager for my GAUSS floating network license as a Windows Service, I get the following error:

"Service install failed. 
Error: Access to Service Control Manager denied."

How can I resolve this?

Tags: asked February 27, 2014

1 Answer


This means that the user under which the RLM license server is running does not have adequate permissions to manage Windows Services. To resolve this, you need to:

  1. Shut down rlm.exe if it is running.
  2. Start a new Windows Command Wrompt "As Administrator"
  3. Start rlm.exe in this new Administrator Command Window

Now the RLM license manager will have adequate permissions and you can create the Windows Service through the RLM Administration portal which can be found in a web-browser at: localhost:5054 (if you are on the license server) or ip.address.of.license.server:5054 (if you are on another computer on the network)