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KarenE asked 2 years ago

My computer has Windows Vista and the screen resolution doesn't look very good. What can I do to fix this?

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KarenE answered 2 years ago

We recommend first trying out a couple of different fonts (Courier New and other fixed Width Fonts). You should also have Source Code Pro [which is the GAUSS default] available to you as well.  This can be changed via the Tools -> Change Font menu option.

The following are all valid -style options for GAUSS, which might affect how things look on your screen. This would be enabled by executing GAUSS, at the terminal for example, with "gauss.exe -style plastique". You can also edit the shortcut on your desktop and add "-style option" after the executable path and replace 'option' with one of the following:

"windows", "motif", "cde", "plastique" and "cleanlooks" and depending on the platform, "windowsxp", "windowsvista" and "macintosh".

The following links could be helpful: