why I cannot manage to load the .lcg file

User Forumwhy I cannot manage to load the .lcg file
zlqs1985 asked 2 years ago

I  have a .lcg file in my library folder, and want to load it to the active library. So I tap

lib Heer_2ed_dge.lcg;

then it appeared that

Updating library: d:\gauss\lib\Heer_2ed_dge.lcg
Path switch: LEAVEPATH - File paths not modified

and I can't see the new library in the left side of the window

So what's the problem

Thanks a lot

1 Answers
aptech Staff answered 2 years ago

To load a library into GAUSS, you use the library command. You should enter:

library Heer_2ed_dge;

GAUSS will know that it ends with the file extension .lcg. The lib command is for updating a GAUSS library (.lcg) file--for example adding files, or changing the path to find files referenced in the library.

It may be helpful to know that if you place your cursor on a command in the GAUSS Editor and hit the F1 key, GAUSS will open the help for that command.