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admin Staff asked 3 years ago


Just wondering whether multithreading in GAUSS 13 under Windows 7 works better when running gauss.exe or tgauss. I am running multiple programs that are called sequentially from a batch file. At first I used tgauss to run the programs and I noticed from the task manager that only a minimal amount of threads were actually used (although I use a quad core) and not more than 50% of CPU space was usedĀ  (on each core), even though I tasked task manager to give tgauss the maximum priority. When I use gauss.exe instead in the batch file, more threads are used and almost a 100% of CPU space is used.

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aptech Staff answered 3 years ago

In the latest revision of GAUSS 13, the threading performance of the terminal version (tgauss) matches the threading performance of the GUI version (gauss.exe)