Syntax error trying to execute #include statement

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upani asked 4 years ago

Hi All,

I am new to GAUSS. I am getting syntax error while trying to include the following .src file.

#include C:\gauss13\src\eigrs.src;

#include C:\gauss13\src\corr.src;
I am using Gauss 13.

I will be grateful to you if you can tell me where i am going wrong.

Thanks in advance

With regards,


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aptech Staff answered 4 years ago

The #include statement can only be run as part of a program. If you try to run an #include statement from the command-line or using "run selected text" (using F4 or the context menu) from an editor window, it will return a syntax error.

However, the two files that you mention are part of the standard GAUSS library. So you should not have to #include them in your file. Try commenting out those statements and see if your code still runs.

In the case where you do want to execute the equivalent of an #include from the GAUSS command window, you can use the 'run' command instead:

run myfile.ext

instead of

#include myfile.ext
upani answered 4 years ago


Hi Jason,

Thanks a lot for guiding me. It is a great experience for me as this is my first question in this forum.


With regards,