GAUSS 10 ols command gets undefined symbol: sdvsol

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jffilippini asked 4 years ago

En la version gauss10, no puedo correr el comando ols.

{ vnam, m, b, stb, vc, stderr, sigma, cx, rsq, resid, dwstat } = ols (0,exc1, excmer)

Cada vez que lo corro me tira el error

Undefined symbols:
svdsol                             c:\gauss10\src\ols.src(309)

1 Answers
aptech Staff answered 4 years ago

This is somewhat strange. Are you running and compiled GAUSS code with this (.gcg files)? Do you have any other versions of GAUSS on this computer?

Here is a workaround:

1. Comment out line 309 in ols.src. It should be a function call to 'svdsol'. You can comment it out by add // in front of the command like this:

//bhat = svdsol(y, x);

2. To make sure that you are notified if you happen to hit this code branch in the future add two more lines right after the line that you commented out. It is VERY IMPORTANT that these lines come immediately after the line you commented out and are inside the same 'if' block:

errorlogat "svdsol not available: choose another option for _olsalg";

This code will:

  1. Return an error message telling you what happened.
  2. Return the line and file in which the error occurred.
  3. Then end the program.

This will only happen if your code hits that branch. This code branch will only be hit if the _olsalg global control variable tells GAUSS to use svdsol to compute the parameter estimates. Otherwise it will all work correctly. So, make sure that this is set to "cholup".