Error G0037 : Result too large in GAUSS Light

User ForumError G0037 : Result too large in GAUSS Light
jagatbirucemerlang asked 3 years ago

What is this?

D:\gausslt13\running(15) : error G0037 : Result too large

in a GAUSS Light

3 Answers
aptech Staff answered 3 years ago

GAUSS Light has a matrix size limitation. The largest matrix you can create in GAUSS Light is 10,000 elements. For example 100x100 or 1000x10 would be allowed, but 100x101 or 1001x10 would not.

jagatbirucemerlang answered 3 years ago

What can I do if my data is larger than the GAUSS Light matrix limit size? What is the best alternative?

aptech Staff answered 3 years ago

Probably the best answer would be to purchase the student version of GAUSS. It is available for students at a very low price. The student version is a full featured version of GAUSS that has no data size limitation and the debugger.

The other option is to try and split up your computations into smaller chunks. For example, if you have a 1000x11 matrix that represents 1000 observations of 11 variables, you could split this data into 11 different 1000x1 vectors and process each of them independently. If your data is not much above the 10,000 limit, this may work just fine. However, if your data is very large, you will probably be much happier with the full student version.