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masia asked 2 years ago


I have two colums of data. Is there a function that helps me to fit each group of dat in normal distirubtion?

Or there's no such function but I will have to define the interval and the frequency of each interval to get the histogram?

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aptech Staff answered 2 years ago

You can plot a histogram of your data by passing the data directly in to either plotHistF for a frequency histogram or plotHistP for a percentage histogram. You only need to specify the number of bins. You do not need to define the interval or calculate the frequency. For example, if you have a variable named my_data that has two columns, you could create a frequency histogram with 20 bins like this:

plotHistF(my_data[.,1], 20);

If you wanted to add a separate frequency histogram for the second column, you could do that with the function plotAddHistF like this:

plotAddHistF(my_data[.,2], 20);