File could not be compiled.

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Lisa asked 2 years ago


When I tried to debug my program, an error window popped up saying: The file could not be compiled. What problems does this imply?



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aptech Staff answered 2 years ago

This post has some information about the difference between a compile-time error and a run-time error.

A useful technique for finding the source of a compiler errors is to highlight the first few lines (the first quarter of the lines is a reasonable starting point) and then running them by either hitting the F4 hot-key or right-clicking to open a context menu and selecting "run selected text".

This can allow you to narrow down the source of your problem.

Lisa answered 2 years ago

Thanks. I tried your way, but still cannot identify the problem. The Error Output window comes back with two error messages:

C:\gauss13\src\mathfn.src(383):error G0157: 'beta': illegal redefinition of matrix

C:\gauss13\src\mathfn.src(383):error G0008:'proc beta(x,y)': syntax error

I multiple checked the definition of beta, but could not find any sign of redefinition of matrix.

Thank you.