Error Message: Could not copy help QHC

User ForumError Message: Could not copy help QHC
KarenE asked 3 years ago

Every time I start the program, the following notification appears “Could not copy help QHC
from GAUSS home to APPDATA”.  What is causing this?

1 Answers
KarenE answered 3 years ago

This is occurring because of a permissions problem during your installation of GAUSS. To resolve this problem, you just need to start GAUSS one time "as Administrator". This will give GAUSS adequate permissions to place the help files in the correct directory. After this you can start GAUSS normally and should not have any problems.

Depending upon your version of Windows and its configuration, you can run GAUSS "as Administrator" by either:

1) Right-click over the GAUSS desktop icon and select "Run as Administrator"
2) Open the GAUSS installation directory in the Windows File Explorer window, then right click over the file 'gauss.exe' and select "Run as Administrator".