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SvanNorden asked 3 years ago

Where can I find a list of the names of the new colors available in the new GAUSS graphics?

For example, the documentation for 

 plotSetLineColor(&myPlot, colors)

states that colors  is

String array, name or rgb value of the new colors.

and gives

clrs = "aqua"$|"midnight blue";

as an example.


Where are the other names (and the colors they refer to) documented?

2 Answers
SvanNorden answered 3 years ago

....and I find the answer right after asking the question: Section 30 of the User Guide!



aptech Staff answered 3 years ago

This list of named colors in section 30 of the User Guide is a list of of the colors that are supported in all web browsers. You can see the list here.

GAUSS can accept the color name as a string or its hex value. For example:

clrs = "coral"$|"indigo";

is equivalent to:

clrs = "#ff7f50"$|"#4b0082";

See the chart from the link in the first paragraph to see where the hex values came from.

Since the string names make for more readable code, they are generally preferred. However, the hex values gives you a wider range of color options.